In this section we list all questions that we recieve throughout the year. FAQs are updated regularly.

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What is the manufacturer's guarantee on the furniture?

LIMITED 5-YEAR GUARANTEE: We offer a 5 year guarantee on all these parts: + Padding, sub-springing and interiors springing, + Frame and non-moving parts, + Durability and resistance properties of our Longlife leather and fabrics*, + Cold cure moulded seat cushions**, This guarantee is subject to standard domestic use with our product care instructions. (*General Quality and Testing Regulations for Furniture - Quality Assurance RAL-GZ430) (**Where applicable)

What is the weight limit on himolla items?

We test all our items at 286lbs (130kg). - The actual weight related break point is not determined.

Why does himolla not offer all items from the European collection in the US?

We only offer our top sellers around the world. Special legal requirements in the US and Canada sometimes restrict us in offering all German models on the US market.

Why do himolla include a free leather care kit with the first purchase?

According to our users' manual our leathers should be cleaned and maintained with an appropriate leather care kit every 6 months. From the time we receive an order to to the time the finished piece is received in warehouse a minimum of 3-4 months pass. When you finally receive and unpack your Himolla furniture the leather might have not been maintained for almost 6 months. Please use the free leather care kit included with the shipment before first use. For full satisfaction, do not forget to maintain the leather every 6 months thereafter! (We suggest the Himolla leather care kit supplied by Uniters.)